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Face to face sessions occur within the privacy of Grounded Psychology’s therapy room in Belconnen, ACT. The room is quiet, sound proof and has excellent heating and cooling systems. Clients often feel most comfortable meeting face to face in a therapy space as they can share their experiences more freely.

Due to COVID-19, telehealth sessions are now available permanently. Anyone can access a telehealth session from the comfort of your own home or private space. Clinical research has shown that telehealth is just as effective as face-to-face therapy and can be a convenient option when having to juggle life commitments. Telehealth sessions take the same form as face-to-face sessions, all you need is a private spot, reliable internet access, a laptop or smart phone with camera, microphone and speaker/headphones.

Telehealth is conducted via software with end-to-end encryption, via peer-to-peer connections. You do not need to download any software, just click on the link sent to you before your session. 

Walk and talk therapy is a wonderful way to combine the benefits of therapy and physical movement. Physical movement and exercise have been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other psychological concerns. Walking and talking therapy can be a great option for clients who may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by sitting in a therapy room for 50 minutes. Walking can help with mindfulness and remaining ‘grounded’, particularly when exploring challenging thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Walking sessions will take place around the quieter paths of Lake Ginninderra, located directly opposite the therapy rooms . The structure of a walking session is the same as typical face to face sessions. We meet for our session at the rooms, set off for a walk at your pace and return to the office at the end. Walking sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

Walking sessions are offered after an initial session (either face to face or telehealth) has occurred.

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